About Me

About Me


I’ve been programming in Unreal Engine professionally since 2005. Initially, I developed training and simulation software based on the America’s Army PC game (UE2). I gained experience in a wide range of systems, including weapons and ballistics, vehicle physics, AI, UI, input device, tools, and network code.

If you want a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the fun glitches I ran into and easter eggs I made, check out my YouTube channel.

Eventually we shifted over the UE3, and I worked on a few trainers in that engine as well.

In 2009, I helped wrap up development on my first public project: America’s Army 3. I worked throughout the code, but focused on the UI, supporting the singleplayer training mode, and tracking down replication issues in multiplayer.

A couple of years later, I got to work on America’s Army: Proving Grounds from the ground up. On this project, I got to expand my professional experience to other platforms, including Mac, Linux, and PS4. I did my first deep dive into Unreal’s rendering code on this project.

In 2018, I took a position at Torch Technologies. I developed a scene generator to create accurate IR imagery for training missile seekers, and worked on a project that involved pulling in, positioning, and even ‘warping’ real-life terrain data and overlaying objects from a DIS simulation.

These days, I’ve gone back to game development and am working at Traega Entertainment.


If you’d like to reach out to me about a specific post, feel free to leave a comment. I welcome any feedback!

Otherwise, the best way to reach me is probably via LinkedIn.